FULL MOON CIRCLE: Crystal Cosmic & Yin Yoga

This Full Moon Circle will allow your physical body to indulge with various Yin Yoga poses paired with intentional essential oils to allow your body to relax and release.

You will set intentions by utilizing the clear quartz crystal and allowing this sacred time of the Full Moon to manifest what is to come this holiday season and release residue thats been holding you back.

Come tap in to your Self Care this season and enjoy this morning of restoration.

Space is limited*
No previous experience needed
Mats, Crystals and Oils provided

12/10 6pm at the Hewing Hotel


Spiritual Healing: A Workshop to unleash the divine LIGHT within. 

 Join healer sisters Lulu + Kelly Rae for a full moon relax & reset under the bright light of the final full moon of 2019.

The cold full moon shines a bright light onto our shadows and pulls up what within us desires to be seen. It asks that we simply show up, feel, relax and heal.

We begin in stillness harmonizing our hearts, crystals and intentions while Lulu guides meditation and Kelly Rae activates Reiki individually in the yoga studio.

Next we move into 30 minutes of deep slow flow as the healing powers of reiki continue to fill the room encouraging more love, release and rejuvenation.

Finally just as this moon asks us to heal and relax we complete your energetic upgrade using the high vibes of a full body chakra crystal sound bath.

As the days become darker and colder we balance the darkness with movement and a little help from grandmother moon.

Join the healing sisters, Lulu and KellyRae for a blissed out rest and recharge in alignment with Our December 12th Full Moon.

We humbly begin our farewell gratitude to 2019 and open into transitioning forward into the light of 2020’s vision. With a combination of reiki, deep slow flow, meditation and crystal sound bath the healing sisters help you recharge, balancing your body, mind and spirit. Relax into pure vibrational bliss. Recalibrate and anchor in the sensations of love, calm and bliss as we transition into the holiday season.

Mats provided, no experience necessary.

12/12 6pm at the Hewing Hotel 



KUNDALINI YOGA: Awake the Light Within

Enjoy this 75 minute Kundalini Yoga class to release the light within and move through dormant energy.

Kundalini Yoga is described as a sleeping dormant energy that resides at the base of the spine.

It’s a practice of uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices. You will perform dynamic breathing, movement, chanting and meditation.

The goal of this practice is to build vitality and let your true self become alive.

Come awaken your inner truth and rejuvenate your light.

No experience necessary, mats and props provided.

12/21 11:30am at the Hewing Hotel