The Gem Life is a lifestyle business started by Layne Averill. We provide tools and resources for you to live your best life. From weekly yoga & meditation classes, workshops and events to 1:1 work and various online courses we are here to support you. We believe each and everyone of you have a gem within side and we just want to help you clean it out. No longer the days of feeling stuck, sign up today to live your best gem life and lets go on this journey together.


"It's so refreshing to take a yoga class with Layne.  She has a unique style in which she combines her bubbly, upbeat, (contagious) positive energy with a clear focus and intention for each class.  She often introduces a thought to meditate on during practice, and she takes the poses very seriously, helping students with hands-on guidance; and at the same time, she keeps the mood light-hearted and fun, reminding us to laugh at ourselves if we need to. Her classes are somehow spiritual and sprightly at the same time - an ideal balance for those of us who appreciate the athletic and emotional benefits of yoga, but also love to have a fun workout!" Michaella, student of The Gem Life