Transition- the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Have you recently quit your job, been layed off or in the midst of changing your career path? Well, I can relate- most recently my company layed off over 500 people. And to say the least I am seeing people go through transition from being with a job to being unemployed. Talking to colleagues I am seeing some grieve the change to others in a state of shock.

As I am seeing those deal and not deal with the change that is occurring I realized how many people don’t have a set of tools and resources to turn to in order to support them through change. I think everyone deals with issues differently but I do think it is imporntant to know how you cope and what you need to feel during experiences like this example.

I wanted to share with all of you 3 ways that help me cope with transition to ensure I don’t put a bandaid over open wounds without tending to them first.

  1. Acknowledging where you are right now– what emotional state you are in and not trying to hide it. For example when I found out the news of my companies change I was shocked, as time continued and the transition started to sink in I felt angry and depressed. I acknowledged these feelings and knew I needed to sit with them for them to past (this doesn’t mean you get to coddle up for 3 days and eat ice cream or yell at your boyfriend every night (sorry Vince 🙂 ) but what this does mean is experinencing every emotion so that you are emotionally able to get to the next phase.
  2. Breathe- or what I like to call cleaning your windows. Breathing exercises or pranayama is extremely impactful. Feeling the sense of your breath with a simple inhale and exhale. During states of transition ( and try to every day) I start with breathing exercises, I like to find my yoga mat and have as close as clear surrounding as I can in my 4 x 4 in apt. in NYC and I spritz some lavender spray and just sit and breath. Yes, this does mean I get up usually 15 minutes earlier than I normally need to but it helps me to prep my area to sit and just breathe. I know my windows (lungs) will be clean for the day and I am ready to continue to move through the day and the transitions ahead of me.
  3. Stay in Motion- Whether that is physical motion or an act of mental or emotional motion. Soul Cycle (yes I know so cliche) has bee my daily dose of medicine this past week. Theres something about getting on the bike and moving my body and not sitting and just thinking about everything happening #anxietyattack. Instead I like to move through my thoughts that are coming up and physically push myself. The act of physical motion has pushed me through any stagnant moments where all I wanted to do was feel sorry for myself. 

What I can promise are the three tools that I found helped me WILL NOT stop you from being upset about any change and your flow through transition. What it will do is give you some resources to support you and maybe, just maybe each day wake up feeling better and soon living your best gem life.





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