Shine Bright like a Diamond

“Our deepest fear is not that we are not inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”- Marianne Williamson

It’s funny how we tell ourselves we aren’t good enough or we can’t do that when we KNOW we can get that job or land that gig or be in that relationship if we worked towards it. If we believed in ourselves and trusted that we are great and capable of anything think of all the incredible ideas and inventions that would come into the world.

Somewhere throughout our journey on earth life has somehow masked us into a label. Whether that label is your career, a relationship you are in or a hobby.  You have been branded into some stereotype whether you may know it or not and for me this case is true with my career.

The past 7 years I have been with the same company and this is exactly how I feel- I have chosen to hide under my role, company and the brand it stands for instead of be myself. Have I learned a TON and grown through my experiences, yes 100%. But now as my time comes to an end me acting mediocre in life and continuing to hide underneath my job isn’t even a choice.

Below are a few ways that I am finding confidence to not be mediocre because I am afraid of outshining peers around me but to do justice to the world and make others better by me being my best. 

  1. Create, Create, Create– Making time and space to allow yourself to create and think about what you REALLY want is crucial when shining bright. I make sure I allow myself time on Pinterest to get inspired by others or flipping through magazines. There is something about images (and not just on instagram) that gets my creative juices flowing and ideas come to life!
  2. Load up on the knowledge- Whether its reading new books, articles or listening to podcasts I find that when I learn I automatically want to become better and show up brighter for those around me. I have more to bring to the conversation and can then share information with my friends and family around me too.
  3. Stop talking and start acting- This is the hardest part for me, I LOVE to innovate ideas and could talk about it for hours and hours. But, talking about something doesn’t bring it to life. Thats when you have to cut the cord and just go for it, finding friends that will hold you accountable also help because they are probably sick of hearing you either complain of a current situation or talk about an idea and not see it through.

So gems, lets not play small because I think actually what the world needs is us to play big. <3 



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