Morning Flow 

Morning Gems!

I posted a few days ago about my morning maintenance that I do when I wake up each morning and shared I do a bit of a yoga routine. I wanted to share with you all what my normal flow looks like in the morning if you have been thinking about trying one when you wake up.
I usually start my flow after I have done my breathing exercises (post to come!). I like to have my space clear and spray a Sage Transitional Mist. I set my rose quartz crystal at the top of my mat and am ready to begin.
Flow Sequence

  • Cow– come to all fours with your wrists under your shoulders and your hips over your knees. Dropping your belly down, bring your gaze up to the sky and inhale in Cat- exhale round your spine bring your navel to the spine and release your head completely.

  • Downdog– press through your fingers with bent knees and reach your sit bones up to the sky. I like to pedal out my feet in this position as well as shake out any junk that may have built up in my neck over night- so I like to shake my head out yes and no.

  • Low Lunge– Bring your right leg high to the sky exhale it through your hands dropping your left knee to the ground. Keep your right knee at a 90 degree angle over your ankle. I like to bring my hands a few inches above my knee gently pressing against my skin I feel a stretch in my left hip flexor but you can always inhale your hands up to the sky and find a baby back bend as well!

  • Twisted Low Lunge– dropping my left hand down to the ground with my right knee still lunging and my back left knee is on the ground I reach through my right finger tips towards the sky. Twisting not from my head and neck but my torso. Twists in the morning are a great way to get rid of toxins that may have built up the day before or throughout your nights sleep.

Repeat flow on left side. 

As you can see reading through this there aren’t many poses, it is a simple 5 minute routine just waking up your body and cleaning out old residue. The most important part of the routine is to remember to breathe!

Inhaling in the fresh energy of the day and exhaling out any anxiety, fear or doubts. Starting your day connecting your body with your breath will set you up for success and to live your best Gem Life 💎



All pictures captured by James Jin of Dancers of New York and apparel from lululemon.  

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