Summer Solstice

Yesterday marked the solstice- a time for one season to end and another to begin. A time of transformation and for me a time to set intentions and start taking action.

But do you, like myself ever find it hard to sit down and simplify all you want to accomplish? Like wanting to clean that room this summer or take that course to further your career or go to that place you have never been to before?

Yea me too.. this morning while doing my Morning Maintenance I came upon a poem by Kabir called-

” Seasons in the Mind” 

There are seasons in the mind, 

great currents and winds move there, 

the true yogi ties a rein to them: a power plant 

he becomes.

Winter, spring, summer, fall: these are pages in a book the advanced can turn to, 

and impart. 

Order is a great benefit to the seeker, 

otherwise living in ones own house can become as 

walking through a marketplace 

where all the merchants keep shouting, 

“You owe me” 

That does not sound like 

much fun. 

and  who could accomplish anything 

in all that 


After reading this all I could think of is- I feel like my mind is a market place!

So I am going to share with you how to make space and clear noise for all you Gems to accomplish your goals this Summer and allow for transformation.

  • Have Structure- Our mind is absolute chaos if we don’t allow it to have some structure! Whether that is structure in your daily routine, diet or exercise. Some way where you can hold yourself accountable and be able to say no to things that don’t serve your structure or yes to things that do.
  • Clear Space– Allow yourself space for quiet time whether your time to yourself is in the morning, night or maybe even the afternoon. The time could be 5 minutes to an hour but some space where you don’t look at your phone or send that email. Just allowing yourself to be in quiet and have your thoughts arise. For me coloring, yes coloring! Helps a lot to release any chaos in my head that I need to clear out to become productive.
  • Self Care– I think in order to be in action and transform from season to season it is best to do so when you are feeling your best inside and out. So if face masks are the name of your game or a purchase of a new dress to make you feel your best than set yourself up (Club Monaco is having an awesome sale that won’t break your bank for some fun dresses to make you feel your best <3) Don’t go crazy but also have grace for yourself knowing that just one action could get you to put your best foot forward clear your mind and get into action.

Well this is what helped me these past 24 hours to get clear, grounded and ready to take action this Summer and transform with the changing seasons. With Summer upon us take advantage of the extra day light to help you get to living your Gem Life <3




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