Make it Simple 

Do you ever wake up and feel extra crazy? Well whether you do or don’t I definitely did this morning! 

I woke up this morning to the beautiful “quiet” streets of NYC and the sunshine was just calling my name. My head was running through 917371 different things for me to do from blogging to posting to breath work to sending emails and instead of continuing the crazy I had to make it simple.

At this time I knew my breath work wasn’t going to be enough so I headed over to a Soul Cycle class to try to get all of this Cancer energy out of me and to say the least it definitely helped.

Isn’t it crazy though how one day you can’t even find enough energy to turn off the alarm to jumping out of bed with more energy than having ants in your pants. 

Making it simple whether morning, afternoon or night is the best way to concentrate your thoughts, mind and simplify your energy. Keeping things simple is a conscious effort and definitely one you have to commit to. Whether it is taking that yoga class or sitting down to meditate for 2 minutes no matter the length or activity you have to commit to it to simplify all the energy and well craziness that has built up inside of you.

My maintence tools this morning were definitely clearing my junk by not following my normal routine and simplifying what I really needed instead of doing it all. So remember when the crazy starts up- simplify. 


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