With Summer in full motion I have found myself at times losing my grounding and feeling unbalanced. If you are like me the scheduled minute by minute days or travel with friends and last minute socials can easily get in the way of making time for yourself and being able to say no to what and who does not serve you.

I am currently reading the The Journey Home by Radhanath Swami- in the morning I will get up and just read a few pages to start my day as the book takes me through a pilgrimage on finding oneself. The experiences I have read thus far from traveling lands in the Middle East and sleeping with Mongoose. But more importantly in the book the author shares of the importance of each obstacle that comes his way and how to take it into perspective and understand what God and the universe is trying to teach him.

As Summer continues to move in full swing and imbalances arise for myself I ensure that I get back in balance by practicing 3 tools below-

  • What is the universe and God trying to teach me right now?

Each day can be thought of as another check off the calendar or as an experience to learn and grow. Through the 24 hours situations arise, conversations occur and well life happens amidst all the “busyness”. When I take time to stop and think what can I take away from this situation instead of buying into the drama I allow myself more peace and less stress.

  • Meditation and Prayer 

Whether you believe in God or have a daily meditation practice allowing quiet time for your mind and body is crucial to staying balanced during times of feeling off center. From a 2-5 minute mediation practice to

  • Love yourself first 

Say no and get rid of the crud in your life. Don’t let in the negative energy of anything in the world that doesn’t support all the goodness you are up to and let it dull your light! Whether getting up in the morning and taking that workout class or spending a day alone doing something new to cleaning out old junk in your house. Taking time for you and loving yourself first is key to balance.

I hope these three tools that help me can help you out when you are feeling out of balance or just caught up with the “busyness” of life!

Sending positive vibes and love your way gems <3



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