Wisdom from an Oil Painting Village

Last week on our trip to China, Vince and I visited the Dafen Oil Painting Village. When looking up places to visit while in Shenzhen this is the one that stuck out the most to us to go and visit. We didn’t have expectations upon the visit but let me tell you if we did the reality still would have surpassed them.

When you get to the village you go through a gated community to arrive upon various buildings and alley ways. Each building you walk into holds little rooms where the artists   work and house their paintings. It was BEAUTIFUL. Each artist in their studio working, creating and inspiring by-passers as they continue their work. While wandering the streets and various artists rooms I thought about how much I use to love painting, working with the colors having no plan to what I was doing and enjoying it as a pastime.


Then I thought about how many times over the past year I took time do enjoy it and realized it was only once!?!

I then continued to think about what life would look like not just for myself but my loved ones as well if we all allotted time to our hobbies we enjoy most if sometimes we veered off of our to do list.

So this week my intention is to allow time for this hobby and to express and see what comes up- who knows how a past time can help you in your day to day work, relationships and life.






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