Week 1 Presence

Welcome to week 1 in your 30 Day Attitude of Gratitude Challenge. This weeks theme is all about presence, and how living in the present moment can support you in being more grateful.

It’s funny I feel like I have lived the majority of my life fast forwarding, scheduling and worrying about what is to come. Well I can tell you what comes from this- stress, anxiety expectations. When I sit back and think about those moments where stillness overcame me, I realized I was exactly where I needed to be in that moment. Gratitude just over flows me in the stillness of those breaths.

I remember specifically when I was battling with an eating disorder, it was around Christmas and I had been in an out of the hospital checking in on my heart. EKG’s seemed like a normal brushing of the teeth, I had to be so still in those moments and as I laid there I just thought how grateful I was that my heart was still beating, At night I would go to bed and it would be so quiet and again in those moments the abundant amount of gratitude just for existence. I know in those moments of gratefulness thats what helped me out of my darkness.

No matter when or where your stillness has come about I am sure at least just once you have noticed when your mind is quiet how gratitude is more accessible, you aren’t consumed by the wants and the must haves. It’s amazing sometimes how often I find myself thinking well if I just had that job I would feel abundant. What if I just flipped my perspective got a little more quiet and sat in amazement at this life that I call mine, all the people and things and energy that is encompassed in my life today.

So to the universe, thank you- thank you for all you have provided for me right now in this moment.


Layne <3


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