But what if I just can’t stop thinking?

So it’s only day 2 of the first week for the 30 day Attitude of Gratitude Challenge and I know I am already experiencing resistance to living in the present moment right now. I don’t know if its still settling in a new place and getting work, friends and well life aligned.

I know sometimes with challenges like this I put so much pressure on it like I need to feel some automatic epiphany or break through within the firs. Well I can tell you that hasn’t happened to me yet so instead of feeling frustrated or confused I wanted to share with anyone joining in on the challenge that it’s okay if you didn’t do yesterdays work yet- you told yourself you would and you didn’t.

Alright well we aren’t in yesterday anymore it’s Nov. 2nd it’s a Thursday and its a great day to be alive- so Gems what are we waiting for let’s do our maintenance work and show up being present right here, right now.

If you at all resonated with this check out the below some steps to support you throughout the 30 days as you move and groove. 

  1. Don’t have expectations– This is a golden rule I try to I live by, having an expectation of how you should feel or what some result should be I know for me usually ends in disappointment. Instead of setting myself up for that whenever I feel myself creating stories or setting those expectations I stop, wipe the story from my head and you can repeat our mantra from the recording “So Hum” or “I Am”.
  2. Live in Agility- For all the Mommas out there I feel like you could write a whole book on this! But really- throughout this month or life I am going to set an alarm that I might snooze so I won’t do my practice in the morning and you know what…THAT’S OKAY! Luckily I have a wonderful 12 hours before I get ready to go back to bed that night so somewhere even if it isn’t what I tell myself is picture perfect I can do it. Whether its doing a walking meditation with headphones in while grocery shopping or using some of your lunch break to meditate or moving to sequences in your own office. I Have found when I can make shifts happen like this in a moment my day turns right side up.
  3. Have Fun- I know when I am having fun I do the work I need to do so if that means you set your alarm at 5:00am to get up and complete your work that day what if you smiled when you saw the alarm. I know weird but just try it. Or what if you asked a friend to come over after work and try it out with you and you can really create some vino and vinyasa. Whatever fun looks like for you try to incorporate it wherever and whenever you can. I promise it will make these 30 days ones to look back on and be grateful for.

Cheers Gems to another BEAUTIFUL day ahead!



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