Kindness Week 2

This week in my 30 Day Attitude of Gratitude Challenge I am focusing on kindness and how it shows up in gratitude. When I sat down last week and planned out the month and the themes that stood out personally to me when I thought about gratitude kindness was the first that came to my mind.

When I think about kindness I automatically go back to my high school days, I remember in school I walked down the hall and I think I said hi to every person in my school. Now looking back on my 15 year old self I wish I still had all that kindness, my mom from a young age always instilled to me to be nice to everyone because you never know what someone is going through in their day.

As I go through this week I wanted to instill in myself again that innocent kindness I had when I was younger that I know made me grateful for my friends, school and family. So as you move through your week try making a little extra time for some simple kindness, whether that’s to someone else or to yourself. Allowing yourself to give and receive kindness brings you still in the present moment and opens up a grateful heart.




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