Week 3 Relationships

When I sat down and thought about how gratitude showed up for me Relationships came to the top of my mind. Whether it’s because I have been leaning on others more so now than I feel like I ever have or because physically moving away from many friends in NYC opened up my eyes to how lucky I am to have my people I had to devote a week to all relationships.

No matter the person, it could be friends, family, significant others, co- workers, boss, your barista the list goes on and on. I put it towards the end of our 30 days as the last two weeks we have built up our mind to remain present and worked on kindness in the smallest ways. So what better way to prepare ourselves to now show our gratitude with these tools we have learned so far with others in our lives.

I know I never truly understood relationships until I managed a team in my past career. I had never needed to lead that large of a group with so many amazing but different personalities. During my time there I learned how important it was to show your gratitude not to each as a whole but individually. Even such a skill helps me as I teach a yoga class ensuring to call out every student by name because at the end of the day everyone wants to be heard, seen and feel loved.

So as you go into this 3rd week remind yourselves of what you have learned so far and play out different ways to show gratitude to people in your life.

Below are some examples of ways I am thinking of showing gratitude this week to those loved ones in my life. 

  • Picking up the phone- It really is amazing how simple a grateful gesture can be, in our day to day lives it is SO easy to just send a text or reach out on the various platforms we have but sometimes to just hear someones voice and allow space and time for them to speak is such a treat.
  • Sending a specific gift- Being intentional with a little surprise such as knowing what type of coffee they drink and getting them a gift card there or knowing they have been talking something specifically they want so venmoing them even $10 for their let just say an example “Vacation Fund”. It is amazing how just getting a little bit more detailed can make such a difference.
  • Calling out their “Being Betters”- It is SO easy in life to always complain about someone does wrong or to talk to another co-worker or friend about how that person just never does something right. Well what if we called out when someone was being better instead of constantly calling out the negative. Saying GREAT job instead of putting someone down. Flip your perspective and make someones day seems a lot better than constantly complaining about someone.



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