Holiday Fuel / Tips and Tricks

Every year the Holidays roll around and it always seems as soon as they past I am worn down, stressed out and didn’t get to enjoy all the fun that comes with the season.

This year I have set an intention to slow down to fuel up as we move through the days and weeks ahead! Here are some helpful tips and tricks for you as you move through this holiday season to always take a moment and breathe.

Daily Meditation– It seems simple, speaking for myself it isn’t always, but I am committed to doing a daily meditation until Jan. 1st. I committed to this to remind myself that when the days get going and it just doesn’t seem like theres enough time, remember there is and its not the end of the world if the cookies you baked for everyone don’t look perfect! Check out this Presence Meditation

Water, Water, Water- I don’t think I could say this one enough, I know for me whenever I get tired as soon as I chug a big glass of water it fuels me back up! With all the wonderful treats this Holiday season just remember to add in a few more cups of water. I am keeping track of my water intake on my Fitbit app as a helpful reminder.

Set Reasonable to do Lists– If you are anything like me your Holiday to do Lists are trying to mirror recipes off of Ayesha Curry, while doing DIY tricks like Chip and JoAnna so needless  to say I set lofty lists! What I want this year is ONE memorable baking session to give out cookies to loved ones, or to go to that homeless shelter to volunteer or surprise someone with the BEST wrapping ever! I don’t need to do it all but if I just make one happen I need to remember that is enough. So this year pick that one thing you want to do for others, set your eyes on it and commit!


These are a few of my tricks up my sleeves as we move through the Holiday Season to have less stress, more joy and lots of love and laughter <3





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