Ujjayi huh?

A New Year means new resolutions and maybe for some of you out there it means getting to that yoga class a little more often, or rolling out your mat at home for some videos (check mine out here!)

First time yoga goers your first class can be intimidating. BELIVE ME, you get into class you see all the other students getting ready with their mindful meditation or performing certain poses before class and then there’s you, the new kid.

But just like you at some point everyone was new and may have not quiet understood UJJAYI breath that the teacher talks about. You may have heard your instructor say ” Fire up your Ujjayi breath” or ” constrict your breath in the back of your throat as you breathe in and out”.

Lets start with the basics- breath is the first and most important part of yoga (and well life). If you don’t breathe you won’t be able to move, it is your energy force and without it not a whole lot can get done.

Think about it. What would happen if you held your breath while you went running, or riding your bike or on a conference call for work!?

You get my point, nothing would get done.

So why did I show up to my mat one of my first yoga goes and decide to hold my breath? With trying to listen to the teacher, look around at what the poses others are doing, to holding that Warrior 1 but it burns so bad (good). It is easy to forget to well breathe. What I can promise you is that if you bring in your breathing first the rest will be so simple.

Let’s try something- lift your right hand up. Go ahead do it….

Okay great. Now- take an inhale in and exhale lift your right hand up. Did you notice your awareness?

As you move and flow throughout your yoga class always remember to ask yourself “am I breathing”? Work on a long inhale and long exhale and pay special attention to your teachers cues as to what to lift and whether you incorporate an inhale or an exhale.

No matter how many times you have or haven’t been to yoga remembering your breath is the number one factor into diving deeper into your yoga practice.



Layne <3


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