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Expectation- a belief that someone will or should achieve something.

I have been focusing a lot on the word expectation recently and noticing when I feel myself allow the word “should” come up with the new year.  A new year means new goals and intentions, and more likely then not I have a couple on my list that I put on there because I thought I “should”.

As I go about working on my new career, integrating new ideas and setting out schedules I find myself thinking well I “should” do this or I “should” do that. I am going to tell you one thing, I have a feeling that most of the people in this world who have accomplished what they have wanted to dropped the “should” early on.

What I know now is the feelings that arise in me when I think I “should” do something it could be in yoga class when I see the rest of the class coming into a position and I think well my body is saying don’t do it but my mind tells me I probably should.

Living out should haves or could haves have hindered my experience in the world but knowing when I get to that point and awareness to shift out of it and get in tune with what I really want can make a big impact.

Here is a breathing (pranayama) exercise that calms down my nervous system and brings me back to my heart space to open up my mind and get out of the “shoulds”.

2:1 breathing

  • Start by taking an inhale in for 3 counts… then exhale out for 6 counts
  • Repeat over for about 2-3 minutes

This breathing technique allows you to take in fresh new air but focuses on releasing stale air.

With focus on a longer exhale you can remove any residue or toxins held in your body which I believe take up space that could be used for more of what you want. Instead of what you use to have in the past.

This is a tool to use when your mind starts racing about all the things you should do, or when negative self talk comes about with expectations of how your life should look.

Just breathe through it and get rid of the sh** that doesn’t serve you.



Layne <3

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