New Moon Rituals

With the New Moon quickly approaching this Tuesday Jan. 16th I would lie if I said I wasn’t starting to feel the supercharge of effects. With a New Moon come feelings of the pas and uncertainty of the future. For a New Moon there is a moment where both past and future lie which makes it a beautiful time to say prayers and set intentions for wishes going forward for the month ahead.

While getting ready for the New Moon I have been taking more time inward (also having battled a wicked cold this week). The inward time has allowed me to focus on fears that arise as I continue embarking into the unknown of starting my own business and putting more “serious” wheels into motion, think capital, LLC rights etc. The inward time has allowed me to come back to why it is I am pursuing “The Gem Life” and take more time on my own mat to create from within.

I wanted to share three tools for you and your New Moon Intentions while you prepare for a delicious awakening when past and future meet.

New Moon Rituals 

  1. Breathe- I know you all have heard me talk about it a million times BUT it is such a wonderful tool to set your mind, body and spirit into one.

    The breathe work we are going to work with focuses on the back of the body and the front of the body. If you go back a few posts I talk about 2:1 breathing ratio and we are going to practice this technique with a different awareness. It will look like a 3 count inhale and a 6 count exhale. Start beginning with a few rounds and once you feel ease place your hands on your back. Bringing attention to your backspace which we are going to envision as our past. Taking an inhale and focusing on the exhale. ( I like imagining stale, negative energy releasing on my exhale and my inhale is fresh and new). With hands on back for 10-15 rounds you will then move your hands to your front body placing your hands over your heart. Once again continuing the 2:1 ratio. The front body will represent your future, repeating this 10-15 times. Then place your hands on your thighs, palms up and continue breathing for 10-15 breaths.

  2. Flow- With your breath deepened it is now time for movement. I find it is a necessity for me to move and continue to release any stale energy in order to create space and curiosity. I like to move through a flow from Down Dog out to plank and back to Down Dog . See video here–> New Moon Flow
  3. Release- Once your breath and body have connected it is now time to release your soul, through writing/ drawing or however you need to get your magic on paper. You will manifest what you want to see in the coming months by writing it down. Once you have expressed your wishes you will take the paper and burn it, releasing all of your magic into the world so it can live out its’ purpose.

Happy New Moon to all of you gems let me know how it goes for you in the comments below!


Layne  <3

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