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This past week throughout my classes I have been speaking to creating space, whether through breathing, taking a wider stance in a pose or releasing thoughts in my mind through meditation. I think with the energy still of the new year there is all this talk of MORE abundance, ACHIEVING goals and piling on more to your calendar.

I started to have a different approach into this new year and it has continued to evolve throughout the month to a focus on making space. As I set out on new adventures this year and yes have A LOT of ambitious dreams I know I can’t create, wish or desire for any of them if I don’t have space.

This past week in the morning I have tried to not first reach for my phone,  instead I’ll go through my morning routine, a new ritual has been to sit down and create space. It has looked different each morning, today I sat down and wrote out ideas to create space in my head. While other mornings it has been creating space in my body through a morning flow or breath work focusing on my exhale.

No matter what the activity is my focus has been around my maintenance, because I know that if I don’t clean out my insides there is no way I am going to accomplish what I set out to do. It’s easy to just pile on more and more and I can speak from experience it is NOT easy to do the work. To take time to get rid of thoughts that don’t serve you, physical residue that accrues inside of your body but I promise, if everyday starts with a good cleaning and blank palette. That is when the magic happens. 

As you head into the weekend and perhaps a bit more time for self care take a moment to jot down/ try out ways that help you create space. Then after you are done notice how you feel, see what you can accomplish and remember “that if you wake up everyday and brush your teeth, why wouldn’t you clean your soul too?”



Layne <3

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