Tony Robbins: I am Not your Guru.

Last weekend I got on a documentary kick on Netflix, everything from 9/11 to How Steve Madden became who he is today and somewhere in between found the Tony Robbins film.

At first sight I was hesitant and didn’t really want to deal with the cheesiness of the whole “live your best life”. But I found myself clicking play and so it began, not even 10 minutes in I find myself on my couch at home some years later after this documentary has been produced sobbing! Absolute baby crying, I couldn’t believe that this man in the screen had such an impact on me through his words.

I know what I loved most about this film was how they showcased Tony Robbins authentic belief in himself. I mean this man wholly believes in his mission and what he does and how he is able to effect others through his energy and words and THAT, that was beautiful to witness.

So why did I feel like this hit me so hard, well I think because this year as I continue with my own business and learning how to navigate an entrepreneur life I have realized that this belief in yourself is the true key to any growth. It is so confidently striding into a meeting (not cocky! confident) and holding your head up, heart open and being vulnerable to ALWAYS, ALWAYS be a student. But if your belief in yourself, and what your mission is can be felt across the table or the phone I would go ahead and say 9/10 times you are going to get whatever it is you are looking for.

So Gems, why don’t we make a commitment to wake up everyday for the next week and tell ourselves,

“I am the BEST,  I believe in myself and I CAN do anything I put my mind to <3”

Obviously if you have your own mantra feel free to use but seriously EVERYDAY, if you don’t do your maintenance work and prep yourself for life no one else is going to either. So lets commit to living our BEST life while we are here and inspiring those around us to do the same.



Layne <3

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