Aquamarine/ March Maintenance

As this year continues to move along and Spring will be here before you know it I wanted to share with you all that The Maintenance will officially be launching for March and registration is officially live today, Feb. 14th Valentines Day <3 !

What is The Maintenance you ask? It is a month long series inspiring you to live your best “gem” life. Each month we will focus on a different gem and evoke a specific cleaning and decluttering in your life. The focus of cleaning will be mentally, physically and spiritually.

What will you receive throughout your Maintenance? You will be provided with various tools and resources. These will look like a set of videos each week from Yoga/Pilates, Meditation and Breath Work (Pranayama). Suggested Ayurvedic diet to follow to support you in cleansing and discounts to Arbonne. Suggested books for assisted reading in diving deeper into your personal work as well as weekly questions to help you dive deeper into your growth.  You will also receive a discount to Mend Jewelry  so you can wear your gems around all the time. You will be surrounded by a community of fellow gems all going through the same work as you and be able to support one another through an invite only Facebook Group. You will all inspire one another through your own work and be provided a platform to share questions, thoughts and learnings.

So Gems, what do you say? Are you ready to dive deeper into your soul work and learn how to live your best “gem” life!?

Sign Up Here–>The Maintenance


Layne <3



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