When I realized the Corporate World wasn’t for me.

A year ago today I was managing a retail store in Union Square in NYC. Just even looking at that sentence may put some wrinkles on your forehead. But honestly it really was a fabulous job. I was blessed in many ways, one being surrounded by inspiring young women who taught me life lessons I will remember forever. I had a wonderful community and hosted events for young girls hopefully making an impact on them and their lives.

It wasn’t that the job was terrible but I KNEW in my gut I was called for something more.

Rewind to 3 years ago when I was working with a Meditation Coach. I had been unhappy in my career, feeling stuck and wanting more. She asked me to tell her where in my body I felt stuck.  I replied with, “My gut, I feel heavy and weighted in my gut.

She then asked me to list off all the words I felt in that moment. I replied, “Heavy, frustrated, stuck, not good enough“.

She said “Okay, now repeat those words over and over again.” As I repeated the words She then asked “What does your gut look like to you?”

I responded, ” A really gross green, slimy, heavy rock.” After the image was there and I repeated over the negative feelings I felt, she stopped me.

Her next question was “How do you want to feel?”

I said ” Happy, light, inspired and free”.

She asked me to repeat those words over and over again so I did, after doing so She asked “Now how does your gut look?”

I responded ” Like a gem, a rose quartz gem.” 

Throughout the past months I have had many ask what is The Gem Life, as a short answer it is a digital yoga studio. But its not just about yoga and meditation videos its about a lifestyle, a community and a way of being and thinking.

Just as the studios I have been blessed to be apart of never were they just about the practice. It was about the community, the curated conversations and a place to find yourself.

My hope is to provide a safe place to share with all of you my ups and downs in this beautiful ride called life and to uncover your gems. 

This post isn’t to inspire you to leave your job, but what I do want emphasize is that everyone holds so much more within their gut then they may ever know. You just have to do your work to clean out the residue and uncover your truths.

So this March as the first official “The Maintenance” is launched and much more is on the horizon my question for you will always be-

“If you wake up everyday and brush your teeth, why wouldn’t you clean your soul too?”


Layne <3


3 thoughts on “When I realized the Corporate World wasn’t for me.

  1. I love this, Layne! You are so inspiring – I’m so proud of you and the journey you are on. I enjoy following along via social media and hope to catch one of your NYC classes soon!

    Alec Dadisman

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