A cleansing meditation for you and your voice.

This week in The Maintenance our focused meditation is around the mantra-“So Hum”.

Now you are thinking wait “So Huh?”

“So Hum” is the focused mantra and vision throughout a 5 minute meditation. Each individual in the program repeats the mantra and creates a picture of their inhale being “So” and exhale being “Hum”.

Why So Hum? So Hum is the reflection of the sound of breath, it translates to “I am that”. So meaning “I am” and Hum meaning “that” which refers to the creation of all things.

This month through The Maintenance we will focus on our throat and 5th chakra. That place where when we are out of balance traits such as: lying, shyness, holding back and lack of confidence may arise. The goal of this mediation is to find balance in your throat. Once balance is achieved you will see traits such as: confidence, charistmatic, truthful and empathetic . 

When repeating the mantra “So Hum” in mediation the focus is turned to your breath, In this moment you realize YOU are in control of your most powerful tool, breathing.

This guided meditation is a friendly reminder that you are all things beautiful in this universe. If you suffer from anxiety or find yourself fearful to speak up in a situation try out the mantra “So Hum” to open up your pathway of communication and set your self expression free.

Interested in trying out this guided meditation?

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