Clean out your layers and allow yourself to uncover your progress.

Transformation. It constantly pops up on your social media feed #transformationtuesday showcasing then and now pictures of ones progress throughout a physical transformation. Yes, the physical transformation is an incredible sight to watch happen for an individual but why don’t we ever talk about the mental, spiritual and internal transformation that occurs too.

While in my daily practice last week I was hit upon the head with the idea of transformation over and over again.

With Spring nearing I find myself wanting clean out, whether its clothes, my car, cabinet or anywhere else in my house because when I do I feel lighter. But just as my house has different rooms I’ve taken notice to all the different rooms I house in myself and it needs a daily/weekly cleaning as well. Only one thing in life is constant and that is change, we are constantly feeling different emotions, being surrounded by various energies and ebb and flowing with the conditions we find ourselves in.

As I tapped into the different rooms I found myself saying no I’m fine I don’t need to clean this room you did a few months ago…

WELL let me tell you I was wrong!

We are a body, mind and spirit filled with a lot of STUFF! I pile on stuff day in and day out and I could feel myself wanting to get out of the rooms that felt uncomfortable and close the door (Sound familiar?).

Curiosity started to settle in throughout the week and in my practice on and off the mat I started to sit with opening up the doors I at first wanted to close. And then I realized this happens daily, why don’t I allow myself to go through all the rooms everyday?

If you are still with me this is where I am landing. Everyday I may choose to do the same routine, have the same thoughts and visit all the same “rooms” but if I do this transformation doesn’t occur.

Progress stalls and goes round and round until I jump off of the wheel. 

SO, why not today? Why not today jump in to each and every room within your mind, body and spirit and clean that junk out.

Allow yourself to transform from one moment to the next. And next time you see a #transformationtuesday ask the person if they could draw themselves internally then and now, what would it look like?





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