Spring Cleaning my Soul

With the equinox this past week and a beautiful training in yin and essential oils I am feeling extra ready for some Spring Cleaning for my soul.

Today while teaching class I focused on taking a moment to acknowledge the change in season, notice how the body is right now and tapped into the 1st, 2nd and 4th chakra.

We focused on growing from the ground up (our first chakra) putting our roots in the ground just as a flower. Then moved up into our 2nd chakra where we hold our emotions and for me especially during the hibernating winter months store a little extra well…love haha. Cleansing out not just physically but the internal stress and feelings we hold in our hips. Then to the 4th chakra or heart space where our love and compassion is held.

The essential oil used was Ylang Ylang. Distilled from the flower to represent the move into spring and to calm down any nerves that may cause Spring Fever. This oil is also especially juicy for supporting your Yin energy and can relax and uplift you. Not to mention its an aphrodisiac!

So as you move into this week I invite you to take time to enjoy the changing of seasons.  Appreciate all you learned in the winter months and set mindful intentions as you move through into the Spring.

and remember #brushyourteethcleanyoursoul



Layne <3






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