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Energy, we hear people talk about it more and more and how it can have a direct effect on our lives. But how do you shift your energy or even become aware of your energy?

This past year as I moved to a new city and found myself with many new transitions I could physically feel anxiety and fear settle in causing me to wake up and feel more negative then usual. What I reminded myself is its OKAY to feel like this but how do I take the steps to shift out of this feeling. 

During that time I had to make a conscious choice to wake up a little earlier and take a little bit more time to fuel my soul (sometimes it is easy to forget that your soul needs food too!).

Here were some tools that helped me transition my energy and get back to feeling the positives<3


Okay I know you have heard this one 1000 times BUT think about it, you are taking time to stretch your muscles (that hold all your anxiety your mind creates!). Allowing them to release any fear, anxiety or stress, what I call residue needs to move out and released. It doesn’t need to be an hour long class it could be as simple as 5-10 minutes while you are getting ready for your day. When I first started doing yoga in the morning I stuck with the same routine for a while, it helped me stay consistent.


A new found LOVE! Now I don’t do dance classes (although I really want to!) but for me it was as simple as turning on Beyonce in the morning and dancing around the house. The free form movement with no expectations helped me release the no goods that didn’t serve me anymore. Whether its in the morning before work or after a stressful situation at the office. Close the doors turn on some music and get the energy you need to release out!

It’s really fun sometimes too when both you and your significant other are feeling some anxiety or fear to just grab one another and dance :).

Meditation/ Mindfulness

Whether it is 2 minutes or 10 minutes taking some quiet time to release your mind allows new space for positivity. Think of it like this, if you are on a food cleanse you don’t keep fueling your body with junk, you stop the intake of the negative. So that is how I think of meditation (I started with just 2 minutes a day and it made a huge impact!) as a cleaning of my mind stuff.

So what are you waiting for Gems, take control of your life TODAY! Shift your energy, shift your life and who knows all the magic that could be waiting for you <3

Below is a video from The Maintenance, it’s got a little bit of all the above for you to #brushyourteethcleanyoursoul this week as you continue to take on your beautiful life.

The Maintenance Video 

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