DIY Bergamot Soap

Yesterday all the gems received their weekly Maintenance in their inbox. They got their new yoga videos for this week along with meditation and learned about Jade and Bergamot.

I shared some properties of the Essential Oil Bergamot such as: 

  • Bringing clarity to the mind
  • Helps in mediation and opening up the brain to higher consciousness
  • Clears away old negative energy
  • Supports digestive system
  • Relates to Solar Plexus (3rd chakra)

As I continue through transition this week getting ready to move and excited about the future I find it nice to add in some extra Self Love. So I have been adding in a few drops of Bergamot to my soap. While in the shower I take time, time to see the negative energy or stale thoughts remove from my body with the Bergamot Soap I mix together. I will also take extra time to rub on my belly to promote a healthy digestive system!

Sometimes I will repeat a simple mantra while doing this ritual which could be anything that speaks to you. For me it has been something simple like” I wash away the old and bring joy and confidence as I go boldly into the future”.

How to make your Bergamot Wash

  1. Buy Bergamot Essential Oil ( I like buying Wyndmere Oils from Minnesota they are super fresh smelling and made in smaller batches)
  2. Use a current unscented soap (Whole Foods has a nice unscented soap in their 365 Brand) and add some JoJoba Oil that has a ton of vitamin e and helps radiate the skin.
  3. Mix them all together ( Just add a few drops of each) and repeat your affirmation as you take time to wash away your old residue.

So this week as you move through and transition into Summer time or whatever personal transitions you may be experiencing play around with the magic of the Bergamot Oil.

And watch how manifestation and a cleansed soul can create just what you are looking for in life. 


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