Crystals to Cleanse an Uneasy Soul

Life, its a crazy beautiful thing isn’t it?

Sometimes I feel like I don’t even need time for meditation or yoga because I feel so invincible and other times I feel like I need a whole day devoted to getting back on track with my soul. Today I woke up feeling a little lost with thoughts. I am working on a few ventures for the summer as trying to “patiently” wait but I would lie if I don’t want to rush ahead to the next thing and just get a move on with it all! Not to mention a transition of a move coming up and with that a lot of unknowns. With all the above listed I have found myself feeling uneasy, creating stories and causing unnecessary stress (sound familiar?).

Luckily what I know to be true is that feelings are simple thoughts that come and go just like my inhale and exhale.  Sometimes I  just need a little help getting those feelings moved out of my body.

So I decided to turn to various crystals this morning for my tools and resources to #brushyourteethcleanyoursoul <3 

My crystals I used this morning were- 

Flourite To remove stress and spiritual blockages

TourmalineRemove any negative/ stale energy

Ametrine To connect crown chakra and solar plexus ( my mind and my belly )

Herkimer Diamond- To clear my thoughts 

Placement of Crystals- 

  • This morning I put all on my 3rd chakra or my belly area, I decided to lie down and took turns with each affirmation I chose with the various crystals. Each crystal responds to a various energy point but I tend to usually feel a lot in my gut and needed the cleaning in my gem <3

I took time to feel what I needed from each crystal, to manifest what I need now. Not yesterday or tomorrow. That is something I love about this vibrational healing practice is that I can call upon these stones differently each day in support of what I need.

An analogy that helps me focus in on the support I need is similar to focusing on a muscle when exercising. The belief that if you focus your mind to your muscle that you will work it more efficiently. I think the same is true to the magic of crystals. I focus the intention I have for the particular day to clean the particular parts of my soul and voila! 

Each of these crystals showcased above have so many properties for emotional and physical healing but focus on what YOU need and create your magic.


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