How to Cleanse Mind, Body, Spirit after a Long Weekend

The four day weekend has come and gone and usually I wake up feeling nostalgic, groggy and wishing for Friday back. But this time after the long weekend I decided to take my feelings into my own hands by using some simple tools and resources to make sure I don’t skip a beat.

Here are some tools and resources that help me cleanse full mind, body and spirit. 

Create Alone Time 

It may just be me but after long weekends of being around a lot of people and enjoying company I love to create some alone time. Time to gather my thoughts, clear out my mind and sort through what I am thinking. I like writing out how my weekend was, what all had happened and a lot of times I like recollecting my ideas that may have popped up from inspiration by being around others.

Hot Water, Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar

It is the BEST cleansing of my system I have ever used and I swear by it, whether in the morning, midday or before bed take time to clear out the junk inside your body. By cleansing out some of the food you may have enjoyed over the weekend you are hitting the reset for your organs to take a break for a minute and get ready for your week ahead.

Clean, Sage, Repeat

After a long weekend I love taking time to clean up, organize and sage out any left over energy from the days before. For me if I feel a clean space, new fresh energy and my surroundings reflect my insides, then I feel a lot more productive to accomplish items for my upcoming week.

So there it is gems, some simple and quick tools and resources to get you ready for this four day week. #brushyourteethcleanyoursoul. 

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