Building up your vulnerability and making joy and gratitude a habit.

Yesterday I was listening to yet another Super Soul Podcast ( I really think I have a problem) I scrolled though the list and landed on Brene Browns interview. 

Being familiar with Brene’s Ted Talks and having read Braving the Wilderness I knew it was going to be worth my while. I got on the treadmill started running and hearing all Brene had to share… here are my take aways.

She spoke about the fear of being vulnerable, showing up as yourself day in and day out. How we live in this society where our routine has become to wake up and put on our armor before we enter the world. Not opening up, and showcasing ourselves to those around us. Sound familiar?  This was a big WOW moment for me, I automatically went back to my time in NYC. Day in and day out I put my armor on to walk those streets, to override all the energy the city had coming at me. I wonder what it would have been like if I didn’t have my armor on the whole time.

As Brene continued with her interview she goes on to share her belief in that there is no joy without gratitude. She spoke about a conversation with a man she had where he shared he never allowed himself to experience joy, he lived life with the idea that if something good happened it was a pleasant surprise but expected the worst. He shared to Brene that after his wife passed away the only thing he wished for was to feel more joy and gratitude.

Another WOW moment, I feel myself so many times expecting the negative outcome. The I won’t land that gig, or they won’t pick me, to my business could never hit those numbers. But if my habit switched to joy and gratitude I would say how grateful I am to run my own business, to experiencing joy in having a new customer. Its amazing how much simpler life becomes.

The interview rounded out for me when she then shares and I will quote her “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change”. WOW yep, I did a little LOL as I was running on the treadmill and heard this because I knew that, that is what I wanted. I want to be so vulnerable that the only outcome is for change to constantly be in motion in my life, relationships and business. 

So this week even in the most simple ways where can you invite vulnerability into your life. Where are you holding onto your armor so tightly and what would happen if you took it off even for a little while. One thing I know for sure is that if I am ever feeling nervous or fearful about something 9 out of 10 times somebody else is feeling the same way too. But if I have the courage to be vulnerable and build habits of joy and gratitude life is bound to soar. 

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