How I deal with fear and the unknown.

Fear, its’ a common emotion I use to love to unacknowledged and brush away pretending I couldn’t host this feeling. What I have come to realize (through much fear) is that it is an emotion I am so proud to say has come and gone.

Let me explain, I believe there is a difference of living in fear. Having it physically stahl you in life. But then there is the fear, the emotion that pops up every now and again when something new or unknown arises. That is the kind I find myself embracing and taking head on.

This past year has been filled with a ton of changes, new city, job and friends. I really love change though, a new adventure that I get to explore. But when I find myself not in control of where my new city will land, or what new opportunities will arise for my business fear loves to settle. Control has always been something I love to have, I am human I love to be able to predict my outcome and know I did my best. What I know to be true is that life doesn’t always work that way, and where my perspective has shifted (with still much continued practice) is instead of having to control, to predict what I think is the best to come. Instead allow the universe to take control.

When I take time to look back at my life thus far every situation that has been the most blessed to come into my life I HAD NO CONTROL OVER! From the relationship I am in, to creating my business idea and the various cities I have moved to I controlled none of them.

So fear, you have settled in…now what do I do.


Step 1: Breathe

Yo, you got this. When you feel those feels come in take a moment and practice a 16 count breath. It’s pretty awesome.

Inhale for 4 counts. Stop

Hold for 4 counts. Stop

Exhale for 4 counts. Stop

Hold for 4 counts. Stop


You reset your auto pilot on your mind from spinning off into a tizzy.

Step 2: Trust

The times in my life where the best things the universe could have given me I was in a very peaceful state. I trusted my process and journey I was on (this doesn’t mean you are lazy) and allowed timing to do its magic.

Play with the Mudra unbreakable trust.

Find  your fingers interlocked in front of your chest and repeat this mantra :

“Om Shanti” wishing peace for those around you, the world and yourself. Focus on releasing the distrust, anxiety and fear.

Step 3: Keep living

I am a firm believer that if you put it into the universe it will happen. So keep manifesting your dreams and be specific!

Take time 4 days this week to write in a journal for 5- 10 min. what you want to manifest into your life. Like really write it down, don’t let your mind or society stop you from creating what you want.

After you take time getting it on paper, talk to a close friend about it and put your words into the universe. Soon after that take small steps to see your manifestation create.

What I have found along the way of fear is if I keep living, manifesting what I want to see happen by the time the universe has decided what it is I need my mind is open to the magic it has in store.


So Gems, embrace your fear this week. Let it catapult you into your most beautiful life.

“Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.” – Rumi

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