Why The Gem Life

It was the most present this past week then it has even been for me as to why I started The Gem Life and why The Maintenance was an idea that came into reality.

This past week I saw two public figures pass away from suicide. I learned that on average 123 people commit suicide per day. I felt in my heart so much sadness, a yearning to want to tell everyone on the streets how lucky we are to be alive right now!

But what I know is that it isn’t that easy. What I know is life is not easy, it has many ups and downs and I don’t know a lot of times how to cope with the ebbs and flows of life myself. I know mental illness is a REAL thing that people don’t support each other with enough. I know that I am just one voice but I know I started The Gem Life because I believe I can start a movement.

Over the past 10 years I have battled my own fights through depression and sadness, confusion and an eating disorder. Feeling lost in my own skin and having no idea what I was suppose to do in this world.

I believe that I am not alone. I believe we all have battles and I know my own were hard to fight against.

I have been SO lucky to have mentors in my life, family in my life, teachers in so many walks of my life that have taught me and showed me that it will be okay.

Through them I have learned meditation, yoga, pilates, breath work, crystal work and how essential oils can all help me. And I can tell you first hand that they have. It is a daily maintenance I take time for to clean my soul. Because I TRULY BELIEVE IF YOU HAVE TIME TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH YOU HAVE TIME TO CLEAN YOUR SOUL. 

Because if you clean YOUR soul, maybe you can show up for that person going through a really hard time and if you are lifted up a little higher maybe they will lift up too.

It isn’t going to be easy you guys, it is going to be really hard and many days I wake up and say I don’t have time. I don’t need to take time to clean my soul today, I’ve got this.

And actually…I DON’T HAVE THIS AT ALL.

I really don’t but with the help of my significant other and vice versa for him in our household we make time. We talk, we dance and we love boy do we love because that, I believe is what is going to save us all.

This month I am offering The Maintenance Membership for free. If you are interested email me at layne@the-gemlife.com

I want to make it accessible to everyone. I want to make sure everyone has a chance to learn new ways to take time for themselves and maybe one of these tools that help me will speak to you. And it will help you clean out your layers, layers we all accrue daily through living. And maybe just maybe it will give some of you new light, new perspective and this movement will grow and one day we will all Brush Our Teeth and Clean Our Souls. 

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being” Hafiz <3



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