3 Ways to add in Self Love this week <3

Although it isn’t June 21st yet, Summer seems to be in full swing already. I know as each Summer season comes around I have what seems like pages of to do lists of places I want to go, people I want to see and things I want to get done. And sometimes a little self love can get put on the back burner.

Here are 3 simple ways to practice self love this week without getting in the way of your Summer Season. 

Face Masks

I just love all different kinds of facemasks and love trying new ones out. I love following along The Skin Sisters to learn from them as to which ones they love to try for inspiration. Some favorites I have used are Patchology and Nuug Beauty.

What I love about this little treat is it takes 5 minutes to treat myself. I like to put on my masks in the morning when responding to emails or sipping on my hot water and lemon.

52 Lists of Happiness Journal

Its’ like a mini therapy session in your own home! I turn on some Jack Johnson or Trevor Hall and let myself dive into this little treasure of a book by Moorea Seal is the perfect way to take time for yourself. I could spend 5 minutes or 45 minutes taking time to think about what makes me happy and get curious into creating my best “Gem” life.

Turn on your Green Thumb 

Whether it is buying flowers at Trader Joes or picking up a new plant I think it is so therapeutic to take time to take care of something even if that means just watering it every few days. Buying flowers to me is such a fun process. You get to pick out the color you want, decorate how you like and the best treat is when you host friends over on those Summer nights everyone gets to enjoy the beauty of them.


So what do you say gems, why don’t you take a few minutes to slow down this week and love on yourself a little. Trust me you deserve it and who knows one of the above might just support you in living your best “Gem” life. 

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