Saturdays at The Hewing

As Fall is in full swing here in Minneapolis and the Winter months are soon ahead filling up weekends with all of the Summer Outdoor fun is in far sight but we have found our newest “gem” of a weekend activity at The Hewing Hotel.

Whether you love the colder months or not we have found the perfect combo to bring a smile to your face. With our newly opened studio located in The Hewing Hotel we couldn’t imagine a better Saturday then some yoga and brunch.

It’s like that perfect combination of salad and french fries you get a some goodness for the soul and some spice for your spirit. At 10:00am every Saturday our new studio provides our juicy signature Rose Quartz Flow, think love and compassion. As class begins we will dive into some crystal healing work, move through some manifesting mantras, power up our body with some delish flow and end with aromatherapy to top off an incredible full body experience.

After class we love to head straight to Tullibee, The Hewings Signature restaurant. Think cozy, wood fired atmosphere paired with a delicious menu of the perfect mix of healthy and savory for any mood you are craving. We love to go for the pancakes with a side of the yogurt and granola and because its Saturday and we are with friends it would be silly not to add in one of the bars signature drinks, we LOVE the Big PAPaya <3

So this Fall and Winter Season don’t let the weather hold you back from moving your body and feeding your soul with Saturdays at The Hewing.


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