Brush Your Teeth Clean Your Soul

Life. It’s this beautiful, crazy, never know what could happen moment that you are getting to experience. Throughout life stuff happens around you, to you, within you.

Hearts break, change happens, new beginnings arise and old stuff comes up. Throughout time all of these events can create some residue in your soul.

Emotions that maybe needed to be felt but were probably swept under the rug. (sound familiar?)

Have you ever had that moment where you feel absolutely fine and then out of nowhere a sharp emotion just comes up and you think, wait why do I feel so.. “insert angry or sad or upset!?” well life…

But what we believe here at The Gem Life is if you take 1, 2 5, 10 minutes each day to clean out this residue that can accrue in your soul you get to show up as your best self.

Its like this, if you didn’t brush your teeth for a week they would start to build crud, and then over time it would just get worse. Well the same thing goes for your spirit. It does a lot for you, it shows up happy, sad, excited but more then anything it shows up.

We are on a mission for a movement here at The Gem Life, because we believe if YOU take time to clean your soul, well then you might just inspire someone next to you and then someone next to them and then over time we all just start showing UP.

The world needs you to show up because you can change stuff. 

So if you ever want to get curious into what this cleaning your soul stuff looks like check out our Maintenance Workshops, we have one coming up on Sunday, Oct. 28th at 1:00pm at The Hewing Hotel. You can  Sign Up Here

Or come join a class, we promise you we will clean out old residue and evoke an emotion to inspire.

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