Your Self Care Plan

These next two months at The Gem Life we are getting a little bit more quiet and softer with the winter months ahead. With the days becoming darker earlier we wanted to play around with what these months ahead have in store for us.

Thats why we are focusing on Coming inward so you can show up outward”. In this time where we may find ourselves wanting to spend a little more time at home and not going out as much the mindset can sometimes turn into judgement of ” I need to do more”. But what if the solution was I need to do less?

As winter soon approaches and emotions may start to get a little moody, start to embrace it. Tap into WHY the moodiness approaches, tap into the emotions that start to arise. 

To support you in taking time to come inward we have created a Self Care Plan for you. It includes 10 Classes and 2 Workshops for $169, our workshops over the next 2 months are all about cleaning out your negative energy to create a clean slate.

Check it out here–> Self Care Plan

So during these holiday times that can sometimes create chaos, lets support it with stillness. Lets take time “Coming inward so you can show up outward”. 

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