Benefits of Sauna: 3 reasons why we use it to help us clean our mind, body and spirit.

We have an absolute love affair with our friends at Sauna Society Outfitters and their gorgeous Sauna located at the Hewing Hotel. As you head upstairs to their rooftop you will see a sign directing you to beautiful wooden room.

With exposed natural light, comfortable sitting room and the smell of cedar you automatically melt in to complete release.

Here at The Gem Life we believe if you have time to brush your teeth you have time to clean your soul and the tool of the Sauna is one of our favorites to open up our senses and clean out old residue.

One reason we love Sauna is because it allows us to relax our muscles quicker with the help of heat. Whether you decide to come into a pose or just find a comfortable seat our muscles automatically let go after a few minutes .

The second reason the Sauna is such a great tool is because it detoxifies our organs. One of those organs being our skin which is our LARGEST organ in our body. Through the help of sweat we can release toxins that we accrue on a daily basis by just sitting in the sauna for 20-30 min.

The third reason we just can’t keep this love affair away is because the Sauna stimulates endorphins. Endorphins are those hormones that create happy feelings. Especially with the cold weather outside in the winter seasonal depression and lack of warmth can cause us to feel agitated. Thats normal its just a feeling! But with the help of the Sauna you can improve your happiness.

Want to come enjoy The Sauna, check out their Office Hours Tuesday/ Thursdays 5pm-9pm or Saturdays 9am-2pm by purchasing a $30 day pass at the front desk at the Hewing Hotel OR become a Prism Club Member for $99 and enjoy unlimited monthly yoga with us and Sauna Office Hours with our friends at Sauna Society Outfitters.

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