Self Love and Healing with Rose Quartz

And February is upon us once again, as cold still lingers, pressure of Valentines Day is in full effect and the want for Summer to be here can’t come soon enough.

This time often leads to get away vacations, down in the dumps emotion or a wanting to find that perfect someone.

But what if in the own walls of your home you too could find love, self acceptance, and warmth.

If crystals are new to you then we are here to tell you that you don’t need to be an expert or track the moon to be able to benefit from the magic of crystals.

Crystals are a tool for us here at The Gem Life, to help us tap into our residue, clean out old emotion and manifest a feeling to create the life we love.

This month we are focusing on Rose Quartz and all of its attributes such as:

  • Creating Love and Abundance
  • Clearing out Fear
  • Igniting Joy
  • Releasing stress and creating ease

But how do you use the crystal you ask?

There is no right or wrong way to utilize crystals as long as you are setting a clear intention.

But we wanted to show you a morning routine you could tap into to create a little self love this month.

Find a comfortable seat

Place crystal on Belly

Take 3 deep breaths (focusing on the exhale releasing any residue)

Set an intention or manifestation of your own- it could be I release Fear or I am beautiful and light.

Take a few moments here 2-5 minutes and tap into the power of the crystal and of setting your energy.

Utilize the tool of the crystal this month daily and see what happens.

Maybe you will start to feel more light and ease, relieve the stress of society and create a little bit more love for your self.

Happy Soul Cleansing Gems!

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