Mantras for the Heart: Self Talk

“Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.” – Brene Brown

Our thoughts are our constant companion. Take a deep breath – where do your thoughts take you in this moment? They can feel really overwhelming at times. For many of us, the mind is a busy place. Busy with to-do lists, plans, reactions to the world around us. Other times, busy with thoughts about who we are as people, our self-worth. These may show up as positive affirmations, but if you’re anything like me, I have to be much more intentional about these. Self-doubt, questions of worthiness, and negative self-talk show up as well.

Brene Brown tells us to talk to ourselves like we would to someone we love. Think of someone dear to your heart – it could be a friend, parent, significant other, or even a pet. You might be swelling with compassion and affirmations. Now, take all of that loving energy and send it to yourself. Your internal dialogue is powerful. When you speak to yourself, remember that your soul is listening. To practice loving self-talk is a journey, more challenging some days than others. Know that you aren’t alone

This week, try sending yourself some love in one of these ways – better yet, try all of them:

1. In yoga, we have something called a sankulpa – it is an affirmative, “I am” statement. Instead of constantly striving or feeling that you are lacking, allow yourself to be. For example, if you are feeling that you don’t measure up in situation, your sankulpa might be “I am enough.” Because you are.

2. Look in the mirror and tell yourself three times (or as many as it takes) – “I love you. I choose you.”

3. Your heart chakra heals through mantras and affirmations – this week, try this one: I give and receive love and compassion to myself and others effortlessly and unconditionally. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude.

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