Self Love and the Stars

February is a lovely month to focus on love and the heart. We entered Aquarius season with a full moon in Leo on January 20th. That full moon challenged us to find passion, joy, and spontaneity after working hard in Capricorn season. Then we experienced a new moon in Aquarius, which was a time to set big, optimistic, creative Aquarian intentions for the future.

So we’ve felt the polarity. Both Aquarius and Leo are playful, giving and intelligent. We learned that Aquarius needs Leo to find spontaneity and passionate enthusiasm. Leo needs Aquarius to keep cool and forget what people think.

Focusing on self-love can feel difficult during Aquarius season when we’re being asked to think on a universal level. Aquarius is a sign of innovation, eccentricity, and humanitarianism. Aquarians can sometimes seem aloof or incapable of compassion on a personal level. In reality, they are incredibly empathetic but on a larger universal level. Aquarius season challenges us to love ourselves and clean our soul so that we can better serve humanity. Leo is opposite: full of love, loyalty and personality. A Leo’s love can feel sometimes stubborn, or arrogant. In reality Leo’s are generous, passionate and creative.

Leo approaches the world from a personal standpoint (think: your personal hype man) while Aquarius approaches the world from a global standpoint (think: human rights advocate). Harnessing some Leo self-love energy during Aquarius season is necessary.

The polarity teaches us that when we love ourselves, we create high vibrations to send love everywhere. Taking care of ourselves is taking care of humanity.

Friends with a Leo sun sign, or multiple planets in Leo, (find out if you have any planets in Leo here) benefit from inversions and forward folds to balance that energy. Inversions and forward folds are designed to get your head below your heart encouraging more blood flow by reversing gravity. It’s like a stretch for your heart. And since Leo rules the heart, inversions and forward folds can balance out Leo energy. Forward folds are also a surrender which is something that a Leo’s ego could use from time to time. On the flip side if you lack Leo energy, focus on heart openers to promote empathy and minimize inversions and forward folds.

Get on your mat, feel it in your body, love yourself, and know that you are LIGHT.

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