3 Ways to use Crystals for Anxiety & Stress

I know these past few weeks may be bringing out some anxiety or stress in a very uncertain time. Whether your job doesn’t feel as stable or the anxiety of getting sick or those around you getting sick keeps knocking you off your game from day to day. All of which are TOTALLY okay, it isn’t easy times right now and that’s why I wanted to share-

3 ways I use crystals to help me cope with anxiety and stress.

Crystal Gridding

Image by Katie Kopan

Whether you are a seasoned Crystal guru or new to utilizing these precious stones as tools in your self care routine ANYONE can Crystal Grid. First you start by choosing the Crystals you want to utilize. As a rule of thumb I like to think of choosing one crystal that will clear out negative energy, and then 3-4 crystals that provide energies I am looking to rebalance or add into my life.

Once you have chosen these crystals you can then design your grid. I like placing my crystal that is cleansing out negative energy and or igniting the energy in the middle.

From there you can design your crystal grid how it shows up for you- making sure to tune in and listen. Maybe you place the darker crystals at the bottom of the grid because it is more grounding or perhaps you order them in which energies you are needing most at that time.

As you use a Crystal Grid as a form of mediation trust your intuition and don’t worry if it is right or wrong.

Chakra Cleansing with Crystals

This is one of my all time FAVORITES! Chakras if they are new to you are the energies you hold within your body. Each energy (or Chakra) corresponds to different parts. Below you can see a chakra image to help you guide as you move through.

Image from belinda grace

Utilizing a Crystal for this cleansing I like to use Selenite, it looks like a beautiful long wand. As I lie down (think of a Savasana position, comfortable and supported) I start with the base of my spine (or first energy source) and move up from there. With the selenite which is a cleansing and clearing crystal I think about removing any darkness or imbalances.

This is a great tool to use especially if you are a service provider as you might be accruing a lot of energies from others around you.

Mantra Meditation

Mantras- a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

During this time of a lot of unknown something that has been coming up for me a lot is safety. The feeling of being unsafe and not knowing when it might end. If we have anything in common after I feel unsafe my mind goes into a world of its own spinning, spinning, spinning out of control to cause a WHOLE LOT OF SUFFERING!

I call this- my “Tizzy Time” my mind has brought me in to a complete and total tizzy. So my go to mantra is “So Hum” meaning ” I am that”

This mantra is a soothing, relaxing and calming mantra for the mind and body. I pair this mantra with a soothing crystal think lighter hues (Rose Quartz, Desert Rose, Citrine or Lepidolite).

Then I place it either to my belly or my heart space (two places in my body where I tend to hold a lot of stress). With the crystal to the body I repeat my mantra “So Hum” over and over again until I start to feel the stress melt away.

Welp Gems, the stress and anxiety might be high but maybe take time to commit to yourself whether it is one minute or an hour for some self care this week and utilize one of the above resources with the crystals you have at home.

It is so easy to let the mind take over in this time of uncertainty but how can YOU lean into your light and release, rest and restore.



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