Organizing tips and tricks during Quarantine Life from Celebrity Stylist, Sammy Ketchel

Has quarantine life gotten the best of you? You find yourself as the weekend approaches thinking what else can I do? You have read through all your books and soon found out that puzzles are now hard to find… Well we sat down with Sammy Ketchel, celebrity stylist based out of Salt Lake City to get inspired and excited about organizing! Thats right, quarantine life has brought out so many learnings and TIME to do, well, those things you don’t normally want to do.

Hear some of her tips and tricks to organizing your closet and home while you are living your BEST Quarantine Life.

It’s OKAY if you don’t like to organize even if everyone of your favorite bloggers is doing it.

Maybe organizing is something you have put off for a month, a year, or maybe a couple…

But now is a great opportunity to get started! Sammy advised us to” start small, maybe one section of your house or a corner of your closet. Then set a timer it could be for 15 min, 30 min”. She shared by starting with just one area of the home it feels more achievable, the thought of cleaning your WHOLE home could be daunting and that’s when it is easiest to quit.

We asked Sammy what are some of the organizational tools she can’t live without?

Velvet Hangers from Target– These are fantastic! They keep clothes from falling off the hanger AND take up very very little space. LINK HERE

Plastic Shelf Separators from Amazon – Helps keep sweaters, purses, t-shirts organized and maximizes space. LINK HERE

Moveable Clothing Wrack from Wayfair (and its on sale!)– This piece is amazing from organizing various pieces to putting together different outfits from vacations to special events. LINK HERE

Sammys Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t keep something if you haven’t worn in the last 365 days
  • Don’t keep something if you wouldn’t buy it today
  • Don’t keep something if it has a stain and you can’t get it out its time to say goodbye

  • Do get creative, reimagine pieces and ways you can wear them
  • Do pick one piece and style that one piece 3-4 different ways
  • Do section off your closet and pick 10-15 items to wear in rotation over the next 2-4 weeks it makes picking out clothing (even in quaratine life) less daunting

We wanted to know what Sammys 3 Quaratine purchases are, here is what she shared

Aviator Nation Sweat Suit Tie Dye

Alpyn Skin Care

Online Streaming “Connect” at Maven Strong

Purchase Here

You can follow Sammy at @styledxsammy


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