The Gem Life Prism Club Membership




 The Gem Life Prism Club Membership.

A Prism bends light to reveal its full spectrum and beauty. As part of the prism club join us as we bend through a physical yoga practice and together as we connect to help see the full spectrum of our lives.

Our limited $99 monthly membership will give you full access to unlimited classes including usage of yoga mat, aromatherapy and crystals.

You will also receive discounted prices to purchase oils, crystals and attire for your home practice as well as early bird RSVP and discounted rates to our Monthly Maintenance Workshops to help you clean your soul.

This is an exclusive offer with limited space for 10 Gems to sign up and renews monthly with a 3 month minimum. 

We can’t wait to see you Brush Your Teeth & Clean Your Soul.

So what are you waiting for come find your freedom with us


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