The Flow

Gem Yoga is Yoga for the Soul.  

Gem Yoga is inspired by Hatha Yoga infused with rhythmic movement. We use mantras, crystals and essential oils as tools in class to open up your senses and allow you to dive deeper into your soul.

We focus on your organs, fascia and muscles as we believe all need maintenance in order to live your best “gem” life.

Each class has been designed to support students to fuel their bodies with a specific energy. During class students use crystals during guided meditation as well as scents from various oils to awaken your senses for a total mind, body experience.

The designated crystal used in class will open up the corresponding energy point using asanas and mantras.

Focusing on one particular energy in each class gives students the ability to chose the experience that will inspire them the most. This connection between mind and body is essential in getting the most out of your practice. Looking for Love? Come to Rose Quartz. Needing some Transformation? Drop into an Amethyst Flow. We believe that when we meet you where you are, we create richer and more meaningful experiences.

So what are you waiting for? Come brush your teeth and clean your soul.


Rose Quartz Flow – Looking for love and compassion? Then this flow is for you as you ignite your heart chakra through rose quartz and our signature joyful blend of essential oils. Get ready to pump your blood through chair releases, find grace through dancing camels and find peace in mantras in this 60 minute class.

Focused Emotions: Releasing, Awakening, Nurture, Kindness, Compassion, Love and Tenderness.

Amethyst Flow- Looking to transform your life, in 60 minutes come move through twists and releasing of your solar plexus or 3rd chakra. Creating fire in your core to burn out what isn’t serving you anymore and create new space for the life you want to create.

Focused Emotions: Clarity, Magic, Protection, Releasing, Lightness

Clear Quartz Flow-Find balance in this 45 minute class. A great addition to your lunch break you will be able to release the stresses from your morning workspace. In this flow you will walk away feeling physically, mentally and spiritually more in line with your higher power and connected to each energy within your body.

Focused Emotions: Balance, Concentration, Awareness, Positivity, Connected

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