The Maintenance

Self Care, Health and Wellness Coaching

The Maintenance is a 6 week program that cleanses your mind, body and soul to get you to live your best “Gem” life. Feel lighter, happier and more joy then you could imagine. During each session we will dive into the clutter and residue that may be holding you back. By using yoga, crystals, essential oils and daily mantras. You will uncover the gem within side you and propel you into living the life you were meant to live. We will put an end to your fear of failing and ignite your heart with love so you can go after all of your life’s callings. Get ready to brush your teeth and clean your soul as you find the gem within you.

What you will get

  • Weekly hour long 1:1 phone call
  • Individualized at home Yoga Practice
  • Curated Mantra for your Soul
  • Specialty blend of essential oils to awaken the needed energy points
  • A crystal that corresponds with your individual work
Accepting limited clients email
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