SPRING EQUINOX: A Yoga and Meditation Experience to Guide You Into Spring

“Don’t think the Garden loses its ecstasy in Winter, its quiet but the roots are down there riotous. “- Rumi
Spring Equinox marks our transformation from the yin of winter, into the yang of spring. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Spring Equinox is ruled by the wood element. The wood element is associated with upward growth, expansion, resilience, and the liver organ.
As we move through this transformative time of year, we can keep our wood element in balance by encouraging smooth, healthy movement, as well as clear, healthy energetic boundaries.
We will utilize yoga flow and a cord cutting meditation, as well as practical education to empower you to keep your wood element in balance as you move into spring
Come join us for this 2 hour workshop to find more balance this spring and build your roots for the upcoming seasons.
When: Sunday, March 24th 1-3pm
Where: The Hewing Hotel


Yoga and Brunch at the Hewing Hotel

Come join us at the Hewing Hotel for a morning of absolute bliss beginning at 10:00am with The Gem Life for an hour long yoga class, followed by a family style brunch at Tullibee.

In the first hour you will move through 60 minutes of The Gem Life’s signature Rose Quartz flow focused on feeling love, compassion and abundance. After class you will go upstairs to enjoy curated offerings from the head Chef Matt Leverty at Tullibee. Tullibee is the Hewing Hotels signature restaurant inspired by a Nordic cuisine and features local fares.

Save your spot for both yoga (mat included) and brunch for a blissful and filling Saturday at the Hewing Hotel.

When: Saturday, March 30th 10am-12pm
Where: The Hewing Hotel


CONNECT WITH YOUR DIVINE: Meditation Workshop to create Clarity and Space

“Anyone who has grown mentally, physically or spiritually knows that growth is not found in comfort” – unknown

Feeling March Madness? How does March Meditation sound and more importantly FEEL as a shift in your month.

This workshop is perfect if you think you could never sit still or are ready to take your meditation practice to the next level.

Learn to connect with your inner clarity and open space for more connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky and yourself.

We will cover common obstacles, energetic protection through the Ground End Bubbling Technique, and how Clear Quartz Crystal Atomic symmetry invites more Clarity + the Heart Space magic of Loving Kindness Metta.

  • Why we sit?
    • Benefits
      • Reduce stress, anxiety, depression, muscle tensions, headaches, muscle tension, fears, mental chatter
      • Increase focus, clarity, calmness, digestion, optimism, confidence, motivation
      • Ignite creativity & connection to self
      • Better sleep + redirect bad habits
      • Awaken intention, auric field cleanser, clean the slate
When: Sunday March 31st 1-3pm 
Where: Encompass Wellness Studio & the Hewing Hotel



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