MEET THE HEAT SERIES:Mindful Movement Workshop with Doctor of Physical

The sauna experience creates powerful warmth, expansion, introspection and detoxification, while a mindful movement component will create a transformative experience that incorporates the mind, body, and spirit.

While the body is fully grounded warmed it’s a great time to practice the art of mindful movement. These phases of grounding, breath-control, stretching, mindful movement, and meditation/gratitude will be experienced both inside the hot sauna as well as outside the sauna/on the rooftop to really tap into the body’s inherent amazing ability to practice thermal regulation!

You can expect to leave feeling de-stressed, energized yet relaxed, and a deeper connection to yourself and your sauna community.

When: Wednesday Jan. 9th and Wednesday Jan. 23rd at 7pm
Where: The Hewing Hotel



Join Layne Averill, founder of The Gem Life for this intro workshop to understanding crystals, mantras, breath and alignment.

Gem Yoga is a spiritual experience inspired by Hatha Yoga infused with rhythmic movement. We use mantras, crystals and essential oils as tools in class to open up your senses and allow you to dive deeper into your soul.

We focus on your organs, fascia and muscles as we believe all need maintenance in order to live your best “gem” life.

This workshop has been designed to support students in understanding how Gem Yoga works as well as learn the tools and resources we use throughout class.

During the workshop students will use crystals during a guided meditation as well as scents from various oils to awaken your senses for a total mind, body experience.

You will walk away with a better understanding of the Gem Yoga Flow and be able to tap into your subtle energy.

So what are you waiting for? Come brush your teeth and clean your soul.

When: Sunday, January 20th 1-3pm
Where: Encompass Wellness Studio


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